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Local: 520-670-9022

Meet the Owners

Thank you for your patronage and/or interest in The Royal Elizabeth Inn, also known as The Blenman Inn.  We wanted to inform you that we will be reopening as of July 1, 2020 under new ownership.  The former owner, BJ, has graciously assisted us in transferring ownership and continues to be in contact with us as we “learn the ropes”.  She has and continues to be generous with her time and love of The Blenman Inn — we are so very grateful.

My husband, Rob, and I are delighted to become conscientious owners of this 1878 “Pre-Railroad” property and it’s historical, educational and patriotic significance for our community and our guests.  We appreciate your interest and look forward to welcoming you, starting in July, as we begin to open it’s “spiffied up” doors once again.  With the ever-changing presence of COVID-19, we will be taking thoughtful precautions for you and our staff, to ensure everyone’s safety and care.

We will be undergoing new branding in the fall, and have begun a new marketing strategy. Thank you for your patience as you notice some changes. We will offer a continental breakfast with local pastry, fresh fruit, and a coffee & tea bar, in addition to a voucher at either 5 Points Market or AC Marriott Tucson, for a full breakfast. 

Thank you again, and we are excited to enter this new chapter of our lives at the Blenman. Please e-mail us with any questions:


Margo and Rob