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Guest room accommodations at the Royal Elizabeth are absolutely exquisite. There are seven options from which to select. Each varies in size, décor and configuration to meet the preferences of your individual tastes and the needs of your particular visit. All of our guest accommodations, regardless of size, come equipped with the same package of technological, guest service and creature-comfort amenities.

While bearing the names of family members of homeowners past, our rooms are not ‘themed’. Rather, each guest room is designed to be a unique environment created with the use of different periods of antique furnishings, artwork, draperies, wallpaper and bold Victorian colors. We must assure you, too, that these aren’t “frilly” Victorian rooms. The solid adobe construction, towering fir columns and palatial wood floors actually blend seamlessly with Victorian whimsy to create a more masculine architectural feel throughout the house. And, while our uncommonly large guest rooms each range in size between 450 and 650 square feet, tall windows, transoms, crown molding and 17-foot ceilings make each space feel even larger and more inviting.

You can see why regular guests of The Liz tend to fall into two camps: Those who reserve their favorite room time and time again; and those who try different rooms each time they stay with us. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.