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Sara Page Suite

Let your earthly spirit come alive in this 550 square foot tranquil suite with an airy 11-foot false ceiling that conceals a 5-foot high by 120-foot long Arts-and-Crafts era fresco--hidden to protect the integrity of the painting until such time when it can be properly restored and exposed.

Formerly Judge Blenman’s law library, Sara Page is complete with two queen pillow top beds highlighted by two tall mullioned windows. Adjacent to the beds there is a nice sitting area and coffee table, armoire with TV, cable, and small refrigerator. A sitting room separated by a glass-mullioned door provides still more space and features a daybed/sofa, a large, sunny window and private exit door that leads to the front porch of the house via cactus and succulent garden and voluminous purple lantana beds. The daybed in Sara Page can provide comfortable sleeping on one twin bed. The suite also offers a spacious private bath with an original claw-foot tub/shower and additional closet space.

The maximum occupancy of Sara Page is any adult/child combination of up to five people making use of two queen beds and one twin bed. For the comfort of larger families, we recommend reserving the Sara Page Suite along with the adjoinable Nick Anthony Room to provide you with a very large three-room suite with three queen beds, one twin bed and two full bathrooms.