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Syndey Marie Suite

This regal 500 square foot, two-room suite was historically Judge Blenman’s law office and stands uniquely apart from other guest rooms by the presence of a 4-foot by 7-foot ornately hand carved fir fret panel above the room’s entrance. Sydney Marie features a lofty 17-foot ceiling and a pair of tall mullioned windows. The bedroom area is also unique, featuring a beautiful Eduardian-style queen bed and oak armoire which houses the satellite television, video playing equipment, refrigerator and safe deposit box, along with an abundance of shelf and hanging storage space.

The bedroom area also hosts a 1960s-era Lane dining table and chairs plus a hand-carved 7-foot antique sofa. A separate sitting room another space to relax with an additional daybed/sofa and desk and a large, sunny window that looks out upon brilliant orange Mexican bird of paradise, red bougainvillea and sculptural 15-foot high prickly pear cactus plants.

The daybed in Sydney Marie can also provide comfortable sleeping on one twin bed. A vanity sink and mirror are along one wall of the bedroom and are around the corner from a separate private bathroom with floor shower (no tub). A private exit door opens beneath a 30-foot-high lighted date palm that heads the garden path as it leads toward the pool and spa.

The maximum occupancy of Sydney Marie is any adult/child combination of up to three people making use of one queen bed and one twin bed.