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Meet the Owners

BJ Gibbons and Eric Brandt bought The Liz in August 2010.  

A lot of folks probably have entertaining St. Patrick’s Day stories. Most of them likely don’t involve buying a B&B.

But that’s precisely what happened to local attorney and real estate broker BJ Gibbons in 2010. As a dual citizen with an Irish passport, it’s a pretty safe bet some time can be put aside to enjoy the libation traditions available on March 17. As if following her own rainbow, Gibbons stumbled upon the Royal Elizabeth Bed and Breakfast. Maybe it was just the luck of the Irish, but that encounter became her and her family’s pot of gold.

“We were downtown, just having a great time, and we walked by this beautiful house, and I saw the sign and sort of trespassed on the property,” Gibbons recalled. “A guest came out and caught me, and went and got the owners, who dragged me inside and got me another glass of wine. We made them an offer the next day.”

Gibbons and husband Eric Brandt are extremely active in real estate in and around Tucson—they own about forty properties including their home residence near Downtown, and several other downtown area commercial and residential properties—but the luxurious and highly acclaimed Bed and Breakfast, located at 204 South Scott, has its own presence.

“There’s no way to not fall in love with that property. This is the most incredible property I’ve ever seen. It’s bigger than we are,” Gibbons said. “We’re real estate investors and thought initially it would be a real estate investment, but when we closed on the purchase and walked into the house we realized that no one can really “own” a property of this magnitude, the most we could do is take care of it, as it’s bigger than we are. We’re more like caretakers. It’s incredibly special, and it’s honestly the only piece of property I’ve felt that way about.”

Others share her sentiments. The Royal Elizabeth B&B is a favorite on Trip Advisor, and routinely ranks at the top of the travel site’s customer preference list.

“We ran it ourselves for the first two years, because we knew if we were going to hire innkeepers, they wouldn’t respect us if we hadn’t have run it ourselves first. We believe in Downtown, We will support Downtown, and the place speaks for itself.”